The back story behind Shutter Wonder.



Life is beautiful. That can be easy to forget sometimes but if you take a moment and look, you'll see how gorgeous it truly is. The hard part is finding a way to hold on to that beauty. That's part of the meaning behind Shutter Wonder. Our goal is to seek out and capture the wonder of Vashon Island and the world with the gift of the camera's shutter (see what I did there?)

I first became interested in photography in the 7th grade at McMurray middle school on Vashon, back in 1999. The class I took actually used film (not digital) and had you go through the process of developing the film in what's called a dark room. After high school I became seriously interested in photography when my at the time boyfriend (my now husband) got me my first digital camera. From there it's grown from a hobby into a full-blown passion.

I've done numerous photo shoots and provide services ranging from senior photos, newborn, family portraits and weddings. Capturing priceless moments for people gives you an incredible feeling. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of those moments and my joy to provide people with those chosen memories.

I also love going on walks throughout the trails of Vashon and seeing what the day has in store. Being able to share what I find is always a joy. Nature shots are almost therapeutic for me.
Beyond that I love walking around the local businesses in town and the island parks, seeing what new things have popped up.
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